Company Overview

I have spent over 15 years in the corporate sector working as a decisive champion of human resources (HR) functions leveraging adept skills in streamlining processes, training and development, onboarding, compensation and payroll. Having additional expertise in areas of tax services, financial reporting, and more. I’ve accomplished  Masters degrees in both Finance and Human Resources as well as mastered multiple HRIS Systems, Program Software, Learning Systems, and Methodologies.

Although, I loved working in the corporate sector and the compensation was good, I wasn’t being fulfilled. I felt as if being in the corporate sector was holding me back from what I truly wanted; which is having my own business. My passion is in helping those who need assistance with their HR and/or tax needs, but couldn’t afford the high price tax accountants or HR firms. In 2019, I started helping family and friends with their small businesses in HR services and tax preparation, then quickly learned that there were other independent contractors and small businesses that were in need of my skillset.

So, in January of 2020 I resigned from my corporate position and established, “Beyond Professional Services”

A Limited Liability Company, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Beyond Professional Services (BPS) will allow me to create the family friendly environment I want with each client as well as exercise my passion to help others by sharing the knowledge, experience, and attention to detail principles I posses in human resources and tax services at an affordable price.

Welcome to the BPS family!

To recognize the challenges and needs of each client, determine a resolution, and develop a strategy to meet all resolution goals while displaying superior customer service and professionalism at all times.

To develop long lasting relationships with every client we service while helping them reach their ultimate goals.

The Principles in which we stand on.

  • Integrity – Always speak truthfully and in good faith, acting with honesty and fairness, and behaving professionally and compassionately.
  • Reliability – To be a company that you can depend on to execute all of your business needs to the best of our ability.
  • Customer Commitment – Building positive relationships with out clients and establishing trust and dependability.
  • Above and Beyond – To not only meet but exceed the expectations of the people we serve.
  • Communication – BPS is determined to provide consistent, direct, and open communication to our clients and ensure that each client is informed and aligned with the work of the BPS team.
  • Professionalism – To always display professionalism and common courtesy anytime we interact with our clients.
  • Quality Customer Service – We are committed to quickly respond to the needs of our clients by understanding the challenges and/or needs of each client and being available when needed.